Sparks Fly at Hello!

You’ve got juice and the goods to back it up

Our clients are creative companies that believe in “The Value Proposition” that old school idea that your work makes a difference and lasts.  We work with people who deliver solid value to their customers.   Our customers are navigating the creative economy, the sustainable economy, the new economy, the old economy and they’re surfing the wave of change and growth.  They’ve built growing concerns and have revenues from half a million to a hundred million: Small and medium businesses that believe in the promise of making something great.

Let them tell you about us

"Lisa is Amazing! She is a wonderful presenter, who thoroughly knows her subject material, prepares beautiful materials, and is inspiring and creative. The combination of her knowledge of business, and the ability to help you unlock your potential makes her a great consultant and business coach. I loved working with her, and I still use what I learned from her many years later."

− Cathy Towle,

"Lisa Hendrickson’s Audacity Program is an exceptional goals achievement program. It is thought expanding and yet focused on each person and that person’s needs. Through my participation in it and work with Lisa, I set, advanced on and achieved multiple work and personal goals these past few months. Through her guidance, good habits were and continue to be adopted over a once spotty record of loose ends and unfinished dreams. In a cohesive and effective manner, Lisa pinpoints the motivations of each individual which will help them advance and provides a realistic take on how to move forward while living in the everyday. She is a one-woman cheering section and a builder of communities that support and encourage growth. I would not hesitate to recommend Audacity and the chance to work with Lisa to anyone wanting to improve their circumstances, finish a project or merely change the world."

− Sharon Epperson, Simply Natural Clothing

"Lisa is a rock star! She teaches with energy, humor, and street smarts. Her workshops have inspired me to get in the game... I’ve learned to network in a more authentic way, put aside perfectionism, and develop my entrepreneurial ideas. Future Lab has provided me with a safe place to live dangerously."

− Virginia Crawford, NYC

"Lisa’s workshops are part dance party, part Oprah Show, part MBA training. I got more knowledge and inspiration from one day with Lisa than I had from the last year of working on my own in my own business."

− Elaine Williams, Comedian, Speaker, Trainer

"I hired Lisa to help me with pricing for a new product line. I have been BLOWN AWAY by the insights and results Lisa has provided me. After just a few hours of training, I was able to implement strategic pricing changes to my existing services, and made back her fee within 30 days. When I implement her recommendations for my new product line (still in development), my profits will skyrocket to levels I never imagined possible. On top of all of this, Lisa is FUN and FRIENDLY and FANTASTIC. I can't say enough great things about Lisa. Thank you, Lisa!"

− Katy Patrick Piotrowski M.Ed., LPC

"Working with Spark City has been a significant contributor to my business success. I was feeling burnt-out and stuck in my current business model, before I began working with her. Lisa's approach to goal setting: seeing the end result and then working backwards to define action steps finally helped me work though some major production challenges in a seamless way. I also benefited greatly from her unique perspective on handling finances, cash-flow and tracking your money. Her insight and enthusiastic nature has contributed significantly to my inspiration and looking at my business in a whole new light. I wouldn't have had the courage to uproot my business and move to NYC to grow my business if it weren't for her influence!"

− Crystalyn Brennan, Owner, CrystalynKae

"Lisa has an innate ability to see directly through any number of business, technical or relationship complexities and quickly come to decisions about the next best steps. I've seen her take on difficult business challenges and exceed all expectations. She excels in everything she does."

− Andrew Boardman, Principal, Manoverboard

"Participating in Audacity has given me tremendous momentum in planning for my company’s growth and diversification. Lisa breaks down big business strategies and principles into small, digestible components that make problem solving for business growth very simple and very realistic. The accountability mechanisms built into the program don’t allow you to fall off track with setting and achieving your goals, and the peer interaction and collaboration that takes place organically in the relaxed setting of the sessions is undeniably one of my favorite parts."

− Brian Hatchitt, CMP, Director of Business Development & Brand Management

"I joined Audacity for a number of reasons. First, because I knew that I wanted to change the way I was approaching running my business. I needed to get serious about turning it into the kind of business that I knew it could be and that would allow me to sell it someday. Next, I also knew that after 20 years, it was time for a major rebrand and a huge kick in the butt for my company. I wasn’t sure how to do all that, but I definitely knew that Lisa DID know how. Which leads me to the last reason for joining Audacity… Lisa Hendrickson is one of the smartest, most accomplished, high achieving women I’ve ever known. When she told me about this program, and the fact that she was offering it in my own backyard of ABQ, I knew that I had to be part of it. So far, I’ve learned so much more than I imagined I would in this short of a time! Lisa presents complex material in a manner that is completely approachable and then helps us figure out how to apply it to our businesses. I’d say if you have a business, even a successful one, take Lisa’s Audacity program. It will help you take your business dreams from “what if” to a “done deal!”. Thanks LIsa!"

− Terri Jenkins, President, W3PR--A Digital Agency

"I am engaged in a critical phase of my business launch and Audacity has been a significant aid as I envision the future. It has helped me maintain a focus that enables me to get more done in less time. Each week, the Audacity experience continues to be an exceptional resource."

− Lorraine Ell, President, Excellat Consulting

"One of my biggest challenges has been harnessing all my ideas, and keeping on-target, rather than chasing the next shiny object. Audacity is helping me organize and formulate my business goals, as well as giving me very practical steps for execution. Lisa is giving me new ways of viewing both the hurdles and opportunities in front of me."

− Kate Stalter, President, Making Better Money Decisions