We Measure, We Assess
We Guide and We Train

Everything we do is designed to get you to your goal

We demystify strategy and redefine the connection people have with their finances and operations.


You hear this statistic all the time–9 out of 10 businesses fail.  Well, we got tired of hearing that and decided to do something about it.  So we created Audacity.  Part classroom, part dojo, part community, with guided reviews of your business objectives.  Think of it as your personal Executive MBA while you are building your company.


You see boring spreadsheets that don’t make sense.  We see a world of possibility and action.  We bridge your vision with financial and operational decisions that your numbers tell us and then we empower you to choose and then act.  


Morning Salon

After the pats on the back for your sustainability commitment, and the cheering crowds on the sidelines go back to their own concerns, you’re left with the messy business of figuring out how to be a sustainable company.  Morning Salon brings together leaders who are actively engaged in building tomorrow’s sustainable economy today.  Because practitioners know that the road to the sustainable future is only half-built.  The rest we’re figuring out as we go along. Morning Salon helps us to problem-solve and build the road together.


Pricing Works

Pricing is different in the new new economy.  You’re making and delivering great quality products and services yet you’re still having to wiggle through a conversation with the “King of Couponing”.  How do you get paid for the value that you bring to the marketplace?
Spark City’s pricing strategies put your value-creation smack in the center of your strategy and bring the aspirational nature of your premium or luxury product to the forefront.  By developing pricing strategies that work, we line up your finance people with your marketing and sales people to bring peace and harmony to your pricing strategy. We price for premium and luxury brands only.