Think TED-like Talk, Gamification + Human-Centered Design = Morning Salon

For those already engaged in the Sustainable Economy

After the pats on the back for your sustainability commitment, and the cheering crowds on the sidelines go back to their own concerns, you’re left with the messy business of figuring out how to be a sustainable company.  Morning Salon brings together leaders who are actively engaged in building tomorrow’s sustainable economy today.  Because practitioners know that the road to the sustainable future is only half-built.  The rest we’re figuring out as we go along. Morning Salon helps us to problem-solve and build the road together.

Morning Salon events promote communication, knowledge-sharing and relationships to further companies dealing with the opportunities and issues surrounding sustainability. The Morning Salon series is a curated set of experiences designed for active participation from speaker, audience members and event staff all engaged in finding sustainable solutions to difficult design and business problems. We’re using the inspiration of Human Centered Design to help solve intractable problems and mine opportunities for sustainable solutions.

Past Presenters Include

Johnson and Johnson

Benjamin Moore


Print All Over Me

Daniel Silverstein Designs

Morning Salons are available to companies, organizations, trade show, government agencies, universities and others who are interested in bringing something other than a talking head solution.

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"The impact The Morning Salon is making is tremendous! Not only does the format inspire creativity, innovation, and collaboration but it is also empowering businesses to improve how they operate to behave in a more socially responsible and sustainable way. Everyone who attends the Morning Salon leaves with a greater sense of purpose, fresh ideas for creating impact in their work, and new business partnerships. If every business had the opportunity to participate in the Morning Salon, the world would truly be a better place."

− Jason Burnham, Principal, Experience Innovation

"Morning Salon is an authentic and fantastic collaboration within the sustainability community bringing together the change agents within their industry. Last year, Johnson & Johnson commercial organization was asked to participate in Morning Salon and speak to our increased need to change consumer behavior to recycle bathroom products more. The feedback from the Morning Salon group was fantastic in ways we can help facilitate this change. We were able to speak with our global leaders of sustainability and share ideas that came from the Morning Salon group. Some of the ideas were incorporated into our consumer communication."

− Christina Liedtke, Sales Strategy, CPG, Johnson & Johnson

"I’ve attended two Morning Salon events in the past 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed participating in both programs. For me, this type of program is perfect: I have the opportunity to learn first-hand the concerns and issues of the featured company and acquire valuable insight into how that company works. And I can network with smart professionals and use my marketing skills to brainstorm really clever concepts that hopefully help solve the problem at hand. It’s an interactive and educational program that keeps me sharp and thinking creatively."

− Christie Boyle, Partner, Chrysanthemum Partners

"As a participant in Morning Salon I was delighted to be able to exercise my creative problem solving for a business I knew nothing about and with colleagues from all other industries. The entire process is stimulating, innovative and quite exciting. I left the session with several good ideas for my business and some for my portfolio companies. It is a win-win-win sustainable process."

− MK Marsden, SVP of Sales, Americas, RichRelevance