You’re Halfway to Achieving Your Audacious Goals

By June 9, 2015 Blog

June is an awesome month. Not because it’s the predominant month for graduations, the start of summer blockbuster movie season or the fact that in most areas, its warm enough to eat out on the patio for both brunch and dinner. It’s also the half way mark in your “Year of Living Audaciously.”

You’re the trailblazers in the New Mexico small business community. You’re making the plans and working the plans. You’re playing full out like you’re out like you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. You’re making those KPI’s sing the song that has you move to the beat of your own drummer.

Being half way there means that if you’re hitting your goals now, you’re able to hit a new level of achievement this year. If you’re not hitting your goals, the half way point means you can still make the pivot and accomplish a whole lot. Half way is a hopeful place because you’ve got the half-way mark under your belt and the damn the torpedos, full speed ahead potential of kicking over the goal post of life.

Get out there an make June smashingly fabulous filled with the possibility of what could be and the gratitude of what already was.

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