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I like to fancy myself as a highly intelligent individual who enjoys thought-provoking conversations with other highly intelligent individuals–with people like say, yourself. Then why is it that most traditional avenues to share information are one-way communications where you get spoken at rather than engaged with?Aren’t you tired of that? Me too.

Last September I went to the Inc Women’s Summit. I loved the event. The speakers were spectacular and conversations between attendees were stellar. Afterwards I thought…“with all these amazing people and expertise, why isn’t this a conference about shared brilliance?” I don’t know about you but I’ve been to plenty of events where speakers share amazing thoughts or expertise but we can’t use the information to help us solve current issues, get us unstuck from problems or just be able to find ways that what they’re talking about can apply to our businesses or our lives.

I put my thinking cap on (yes, I own one of those) and came up with a mash up of formats that would help share knowledge, resources, methodologies and relationships that would super charge results in a short amount of time.

Viola! You’ve got the Morning Salon methodology. I designed Morning Salons to capture the best elements from TED Talks, gamification with a nod to IDEO’s Human Centered Design process. It all adds up to a cross discipline, multi-directional conversation that cures the common blues of unmet event expectations… or what I like to call “Eventile Dysfunction.”

I can hear you saying “but Lisa, it sounds so nerdy!” yes, exactly. What you also need to hear–it is so super fun, super fast and super beneficial to accessing real brilliance that could be sitting right next to you– Are you ready to do something different to produce a different result? Then the Morning Salon method is for you….

Our first Morning Salon Series is on the topic of sustainability. FIT is hosting this series of four with sponsorship provided by the Brooklyn Accelerator.

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