By December 13, 2013 Blog

Revenues from gym memberships double in January because of the “resolution market.” January is “quitting season” according to Nicoderm, the nicotine patch that helps smokers give up the habit. This is big business because people don’t know how to master habits and “be the change.”

So making big to-do lists and promises to yourself like “lose 15 pounds” are things that most of us do in January. And you know what? It feels really good when we’re doing it. We think to ourselves “this is the time I’m going to really keep those 15 pounds off. I know I can do it.” You’ve got the resolve on January 1st but by the time it’s March and the weather is super gloomy and you’ve got Mac n’ Cheese on the brain, how do you keep your resolutions? Well, most of us don’t. Why? Because change isn’t about willpower. It’s about a world view.

Our world view–what we think is achievable, what we believe about ourselves and others, what kind of life we think we deserve all fits into our own personal global perspective. What the problem is with resolutions is that we don’t resolve to change our world view–to open up possibilities about the way we live, our relationship to ourselves and others, we resolve to stop doing something or start doing something.

Gandhi said “be the change you wish to see in the world.” He wasn’t just talking about “the other people” he was talking to you. If you want a world where you put your health and well being at the center of your life, you know what? I think you might lose those 15 pounds you’ve been struggling with for 15 years. Same is true for you and your business or any business. We all get on the bandwagon and talk about doing next year’s planning but what’s wrong with our “business as usual” planning and promising is that we don’t take into account what shifts of mind we’ll need to achieve new goals. This is why the phrase “past results are predictive of future results” is used in planning so often. If we’re to have breakthrough results, it’s not from breakthrough planning. It’s from a shift of mind, a shift of our personal world view that helps us break free of past constraints.

So this is the conundrum of the human condition. How do I change my life, my business and personal outcomes? In my experience the thing that helps us make real and lasting change is to challenge our own world view and continue to expand it beyond our constraints–our fears, our past “failures” and that little voice in our heads (let’s just call him Dick for now) that say “you can’t.”

The other thing that helps us change our world view are the people who are in it. Surround yourself with Doubting Dereks or Negative Nancys and you will for sure be off that Nicoderm patch and back to standing outside your office in 20 degree weather sucking on that cancer stick. “See, I told you so” is the prevalent discussion with Dick, that little voice in your head.

Make 2014 the Year of Audacious Goals. Change your world view. Don’t make resolutions. Just start living the life you imagine for yourself. Registration is now open.

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