Time for A Change

By March 11, 2015 Blog

Monday Morning Audaciousness is gone. It sounded like a good idea but when I looked at the stats, I realized that I had to make a change. My original intention was to send out Monday Morning Audaciousness to give a boost to Audacity participants as we headed into the week. In looking at the stats, I saw that what I planned on happening wasn’t happening. Time to make a pivot.

Pivoting sounds so hip now. Some people confuse this with failing and I want to tell you how I see the difference. A pivot happens to a business model when assumptions that you made about your product, sales, audience and finances don’t line up. If you don’t pivot, the business is over. You still have the same mission, the same commitment you did initially, the means in which you seek to achieve it have changed. That’s a pivot.

Failing, I think, means that you’ve exhausted all of your options and you still didn’t come up with the outcomes that you’re looking for. Please don’t mistake the impetus of this as sugarcoating a truth so that “the medicine goes down” rather, I think we lack distinctions in business and in life that give us different ways to relate to the nature of what isn’t working.

So my pivot around sending out Monday Morning Audaciousness includes not only a new day to deliver the newsletter but a new Monday Morning Audacious practice: sending out a Monday morning tweet to those who might want to gain some inspiration and like a good Monday morning read. I saw that only a few participants were taking the time on Monday to look at the email and spend some time being inspired (at least I hope that’s what’s been happening!). So I’m making a change and starting to send out the newsletter on Thursday. I think that more of you will be able to make some time and engage with the content so that it helps you with achieving your goals.

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