High Achievers

By November 4, 2015 Blog

“Why am I never satisfied with anything?” I asked my dad when I was in my 20’s.  I was always striving for more–to do better and to be better.  I felt like there was something else outside of my current set of circumstances, current employment, current learning opportunities….but I didn’t know what that was.  I was restless and I wanted something other than the status quo.  My dad said to me, “you’re never satisfied because most things are sh*t.” and that’s what he really said so that’s what I’m telling you here.  I believe that life is more than settling for the mere sh*t of as my father so eloquently stated and I have been on a quest for most of my life for something better than what the status quo is.  Yes, at times, the status quo is just fine.  Mostly, though when you say something is good enough it’s just waiting for entropy to drag it down into the primoridal soup where everything comes from.  To do and be great means that something other than good has to happen.  It takes a different kind of effort, a special above and beyond effort combined with vision, grit and fortitude to make something other than the status quo happen.  This is the hallmark of the high achiever. Achievement is the game that I’m playing because it harnesses the drive to have things different than the status quo.  It’s practice and perserverence to swim upstream and to change what already is into what it could be.  Dreamer, high achiever, it’s all tied together.  If you’re one of the high achievers, join the Spark City NYC meet up group www.meetup.com/sparkcity-nyc  we’d love to hear your story about becoming a high achiever.

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