Good is the Enemy of Great

By March 25, 2015 Blog

Creating work that best suites your nature and the expectations that you’ve set for customers is a hallmark of your commitment to excellence. I know this phrase is as overused as innovation or pivot so I want you to dial into the idea of what genuine excellence is….do you have a picture in your mind? Great! So know you also know that there’s a trap called good–good is the enemy of great (a shout out to Jim Collins for the phrase). Here’s the deal with good–if you’re ok with good, great isn’t accessible. Good is ordinary. Good only gets you more of the same. Those of us who are committed to being great, invest more in the work and engage in a conversation called great.

Paul Coehlo wrote “ The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become. What are you getting from your work? Are you committed to good? How do you know? What have you become?

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