Goal Setting and Aligning Actions

By February 2, 2015 Blog

Aligning what you do today with your long term outcomes means that every action that you take has a purpose. When you take the long term goal or outcome that you’re working towards and create a simple five year roadmap, you will be able to connect the future that you see for yourself and your company with your annual goals. When you take your annual goals and break them down to quarterly goals and then monthly goals, your roadmap naturally comes into focus and your action plan becomes something that can be calendared and acted upon. When we have goals that are clear for the long term and annual goals that are aligned with the future we see for ourselves, our plans become more meaningful and we gain momentum around what we genuinely care about: the long term goals that we’ve set up for ourselves.When we act with the vision and goals of the future today it means no more meandering your way through the day trying to figure out what’s the right thing to do for right now.

For Audacity’s goal-focused homework, please make certain that your annual goals are tied to your long term objectives. When putting together your goal roadmaps, remember that these roadmaps are for you to ask and answer questions–figuring out the white space while you’re planning for it…. remember a plan is an estimation not an exacting guide to operations. It is a bad plan that admits to no modifications. Know that while you’re making your plans from your goals that you’re connecting the future with today.

Isn’t that exciting that you’re working on the outcome that you’ve designed for yourself? Like Annie Dillard says “how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” What are you doing today?

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