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By November 20, 2013 Blog

“I love making products and working with great people. I have a lot to offer but I hate selling. I need money. I don’t want my company to flame out. How do I figure out how to sell something and make money without being a slimy salesman?” Sound like someone you know?

Does the thought of having to sell your own work make you feel like a skeevy crack dealer? Yup, that’s the way lots of start up founders feel about the sales process. In here lies the dilemma: You as the company’s founder are at the start, the only sales person. You also are your best sales person. So as with all truths, there’s a paradox at the center.

Want to bust out of this dualistic thinking around sales but you just don’t know how? Here a few things to think about:

1. Are you making a product or offering a service to “get over’ on someone? (hint: the answer is: 96% of the time is no. Only 4% of the population are narcissists or sociopaths. The rest of us don’t really do stuff like this).

2. Do you want to make a good living and are willing to work at your product or service so that your clients and customers are happy and satisfied? (if you do, then you’ll sell something and get duly rewarded for it).

3. Do you think the universe is abundant and that the world is filled with everything? (and if so, could your world be filled with people who want to buy what you have to offer?).

Ok, you know I don’t like things like “tip of the week” type of deals because they’re just a band-aid without a context, so here’s what I want you to take away from this: That an authentic and genuine approach towards connecting with people who can benefit from your product or service is a sure fire way to remove the slimy and instead vault you into the stratosphere with sincerity and sales.

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