Best Received. Now What?

By April 21, 2015 Blog

Best received news is a little like getting the award for attendance in kindergarten. You were there but were you present? What does the good news about your business that people share with you actually mean? Well, sometimes it depends upon the stars or the alignment of the planets–of course, that’s only if you believe in astrology. It might mean that you’re kickin’ *ss and that you’re doing a great job of being you– but again, what does that mean? If you’re in Audacity, it means that it’s time to get down to work.

Accolades are great, don’t get me wrong but hearing them doesn’t mean you stop and smell the roses, it means you put your foot on the peddle of your gas guzzler and you don’t look back.

An overnight success just means you’ve been working undercover for a long time–It’s the intersection of preparedness and opportunity. With acknowldgement comes even more work. Get down to it.

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