Advice or Inspiration?

By April 5, 2015 Blog

“Make certain that you wear a light jacket because it will be cold later on tonight.” That’s what advice sounds like. It might also sound like “you need a social media plan” or “you need to get your operations in order” or maybe even like “you should have videos on your website.” All of this might be sound advice at one time or another and at one time or another you might want to listen to this. Mostly, however, advice is unwarranted and unwelcomed even if it is sent via “the best intentions.” You remember which road is paved with good intentions? Yeah, well that’s the one the advice-giver is on while telling you what to do– because logic says what’s great advice for them “must be great advice for you.” That’s why advice is mostly ineffective.

If you don’t take or give advice, then how does one learn and grow? Inspired action. People are experiential learners–learning by doing. Inspiring action means people feel the need to step out of safety and take a risk on action–the risk that something might not work, the risk that if it does work, you will have to step into the unknown to operate something that you don’t know how to do yet– Inspired actions are the ones that count, the ones that move you to share the experience with your team or the people who are close to you. Inspired action makes memories, changes tradjectories and moves the ball down the field. Advice, well, it’s just that–advice.

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