About Us

This is our Ethos.  It’s the words that we live by.


We are engaged in the work that we do, the clients that we take care of and the results that we produce—this is a natural expression of who we are.  Our people come to work to unleash the power of our clients business.


We are fun. Even when we’re working hard, we’re working smart and we’re having fun. Having fun means doing good work and delivering happiness everywhere we go and we really mean that. It’s part of our mission, our purpose and the Spark City Way.


Smart doesn’t have to prove itself.  It’s not an over inflated ego screaming SMART!  Smart acts and delivers solid results.  Smart produces value for our clients.


Innovation is a state of mind it’s a way of producing results that others cannot attain or even see.  We’re on the path of continuous improvement in our business and yours.  We know that excellence is a driver that inspires innovation and finding solutions that work.


We respect you, your team and your mission.  We hold the relationship that we have with you and your team in esteem. We are trustworthy and operate our business with integrity and we expect that from our clients too.


We are all for you winning and for us winning.  Its 360 degrees of wonderful when this happens.  We don’t do business in a win/lose manner.  We have seen that win/win produces bigger results.


We respect and value the bountiful gifts of nature and operate our company with respect for the planet.  We actively participate in planet positive activities so to reduce the environmental impacts of our business operations.

We’ve got a big juicy mission

We’re inspired by the entrepreneurs, the inventors, the ones who have the courage to build something from nothing and to support the success of these business dreams turned into reality–Our mission is to increase the success rate of small and medium businesses.  Spark City provides products and services to SMBs so that they can do their best work and be rewarded for bringing their own special magic to the marketplace.  We create solutions for people to live and work in a better world. Our mission is engaged through our ethos and we run our business on the principles we aligned with.

The bones to our beliefs.  It’s the heart of our sparkle.


Spark City is a global center of excellence that promotes, enhances and sustains small and medium businesses while elevating the levels of opportunity, wealth creation, and knowledge for entrepreneurs through our business offerings. Spark City is a hub of inspiration, innovation, learning and community that emboldens and celebrates new thinking and empowers entrepreneurs. Our work creates a welcoming space for entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and celebrate life.


To increase the prominence of entrepreneurship as a means to self-direction and wealth creation while increasing the longevity and success rate of the companies by providing the products and services that support ongoing success.


IMPECCABILITY: Creating environments that are impeccable means that people can do their best work unfettered by mediocrity. When environments are impeccable it elevates the regard for the output and the feeling and mood of the events so that people celebrate the specialness of the happening. When impeccability happens, people hold the happening in the highest regard.

REGARD: We have the highest regard for you. Because we have high standards for ourselves, we have high regard for you. We are bringing our “A Game” every day to the work that we do and we hope we inspire regard and your “A Game” when engaging with Spark City. It’s a commitment that we make to ourselves and to our customers.

360 DEGREES OF WONDERFUL: At every step, we’re working on wonderful. We don’t want just ok, we don’t even want “better than a sharp stick in the eye” We want Wonderful! At every point of contact, we want everyone to feel special, taken care of and appreciated. So we’re delivering wonderful. It’s the promise of making everyday special.


EXCELLENCE: Means we apply ourselves wholly and play the game full out. We give it our all and then just a little bit more. Excellence doesn’t mean perfect but it does mean that we’re working on delivering solutions with 360 degrees of happiness. This means excellence from the inside out.

DISCIPLINE AND RELIABILITY: Having the wherewithal to get it done means that we have the discipline to adhere to our ethos and our principles. We are believable because we are reliable. We believe our word as ourselves and perform reliably even when the circumstances are difficult.

URGENCY: We take care of you and your work with urgency. It doesn’t mean panic and emergency. It means that we acknowledge what the outcomes are that you need and we set the expectations in a way that you know that we care. We’re listening!

INTEGRITY: Integrity isn’t about “black and white” good and bad, right and wrong. It’s much bigger than that. Integrity is the strong foundation that’s built before you can put the second story of the building up. Integrity means that there’s a wholeness to the entirety. It’s not being diminished by circumstances. Integrity Stands Strong.

SERVICE: We believe in deeply being of service to everyone who we come in contact with. Service isn’t a one off, one time thing that we do, it’s a continuum of how we’re thinking about adding value to the experience and having our clients and customers (internal and external) feel valued and taken care of.

COURAGE: It takes an extraordinary amount of courage to operate a business in a new way that bucks the status quo. Courage is a quality that helps you do it even if you’re afraid, even if you screwed it up, even if you don’t know how to do it. Courage is the force of character that moves us forward into the unknown and the innovative. It’s the force of will that will have us win the game.


Spark City is in business to serve our customers. We know that our success is tied to our long lasting relationships and client satisfaction. Here’s our promise to our customers:

  • To operate our business with integrity;
  • To be a strong advocate for breakthrough thinking, new solutions, and community building;
  • To provide partnership and collaboration that produces great projects that delight our clients;
  • To have our values guide our actions;
  • To be of service to our customers means to address their needs with urgency. Our employees are the front line to delivering our promise to our customers. We call upon our employees to express the values of our culture to fulfil upon “Our Promise to our Customers.”


We respect and value the bountiful gifts of nature and promise to operate our company with respect for the planet. We promise to actively participate in planet positive activities so to reduce the environmental impacts of our business operations.


We have Arbor Day as our special Corporate Holiday that celebrates trees and the bountiful gifts that trees deliver to the world.


This is a living document. These foundations are alive and real and are evidenced everyday by our company, our people and the products that we create and deliver to our communities.